2018 - 2019 Patriot Programs (Option List)

Here are the following option choices your son and/or daughter will have during the 2018-2019 school year while they are in Grade 7 and/or Grade 8. Our options are known at the Patriot Programs and run for two blocks on Wednesdays and Fridays. 

Please review the list below to help you answer any questions about our option availability! 

  • Broadcasting - 1
    Interested in film and television production? Than Patriot TV is for you! Learn what happens behind the scenes to create a weekly broadcast that features the activities/happenings at St. JP II. Work as a camera operator, lighting technician, director, writer or sound engineer or go out in the field capturing interviews, covering stories and reporting on them as an anchor for broadcasts.
    This is a no cost option with a field trip fee of approx. $15
    (The field trips are not mandatory for this course.)
  • Construction - 1
    Students learn woodworking skills in the construction lab. The students will be given instruction in the safe operation of hand and power tools, layout and project assembly. Emphasis is placed on safety, however students will be able to take advantage of the full woodshop to build several different projects. After demonstrating skill in construction fabrications, students will have the opportunity to either build to order projects that they have been asked to create or build projects that can be marketed to the community for sale. Students will learn business skills as well as hands on skills when taking this class.
    Cost $65

  • Culinary Class - 1
    Teaches students to have an understanding of kitchen safety, practice proper handling of food, tools and equipment. Students will learn to apply knowledge and management skills in the planning, preparation and evaluation of basic foods, using snacks, entrees and convenience foods. Students will learn to use Canada's Food Guide to Healthy Eating to assist them in making wise food choices and the role of food in physical wellness and fitness.
    Cost $50

  • Musical Theatre - Behind The Curtain - (Promoting a Production)
    How do you create a successful media campaign for a large scale production? In this Patriots Program your child will learn the fundamental skills involved in advertising, promoting, and supporting a large scale production. Some of the tasks your child may choose (using various technologies like computers, cameras and video) could be; creating programs, a cast photo montage, writing a radio script for advertising, posters, sending out media flyers, meeting with radio and journalists to talk about the production, creating a behind the scenes video, videoing and archiving the production, learning how to transfer video to a DVD/digital format for resale, social media advertising and promotions. Future job possibilities: an event organizer/planner, promotions director, programs coordinator, television and radio advertising, graphic artist, just to name a few.
    This is a no cost option

  • Musical Theatre - Behind The Curtain: (Set Design and More)
    What backstage elements are required to create a successful full stage production? In this Patriots Program your child will study the elements of drama and theatre, including the many aspects that go into staging a successful musical theatre production including; construction, sound, lighting, makeup, sets and props. Some tasks your child may choose could be; design sets and/or props, paint sets, construct sets, move sets, design lighting, run the light board, run the soundboard, design and implement special effects, microphone management and wireless, backstage manager, etc… Future job possibilities: makeup artist, set designer, lighting and/or sound technician, backstage manager, grip, set dresser, construction coordinator, prop designer and maker, special effects, just to name a few. Cost $50

  • Photography 
    Students will learn the basics of operating a basic, entry level camera and progress to a more advanced SLR camera. Students will also be introduced to the basics of common photo editing technologies used in the workplace.
    This is a no cost option

  • Tech Today (3D Design, Coding and More)
    Using 3D design, modelling and printing, as well as various coding tools, students will learn how technology impacts their lives. Students may create games, tools and/or solutions to problems they currently face.
    This is a no cost option

  • Dropping Dem Beatz 1 ( Mixing Music, PODCasts, Recording and More)
    Students will be able to explore a variety of different music productions tools and platforms from DJing and mixing music, creating their own music/beats and/or creating regular PODCasts. Students, if applicable, may also learn some of the basics behind DJ setups, potentially including, but not limited to, lighting and technology setups.
    This is a no cost option

  • French 
    Bonjour! Have you enjoyed learning French? Would like to increase your skills in reading, writing, listening and speaking one of the most beautiful and popular languages in the world? Are you ready for all the opportunities (career, travel, personal) that could come your way if you know a little more Français? French 1 is an interactive, fun and creative option class that requires your active participation! You will be learning 4 units this term; food, clothing, animals and French holiday/celebrations. In this option, we will build language skills through daily games and activities, partner/group work, hands-on projects and so much more...all while having FUN!
    This is a no cost option

  • Personal Wellness 
    Students will explore concepts related to his/her total health and wellness. Through classroom and practical (physical activity) lessons students explore the following topics: the 11 parts of physical fitness, body mass index, personal practice/training planning, performance enhancing drugs (steroid abuse), and sport culture.
    This is a no cost option

  • School of Rock 
    Students will be introduced to the exciting world of rock music. Depending on their ability, students will begin by learning basic guitar chords and strumming patterns. From there, students will learn popular songs, eventually playing in small groups. The goal will be to perform for an audience. The focus of this option is to develop in the student an appreciation of music in general, and specifically of rock guitar and related instruments. Acoustic guitars are provided if needed, at no cost. Students are welcome to bring in their own electric or acoustic guitars if desired. Fees cover the cost of printed music, guitars, amps, pianos, strings, picks, straps, and accessories.
    Cost: $30

  • Style & Self Care 
    Students will have the opportunity to learn how caring for their body, minds and selves, leads to an overall, well-rounded life experience. They will learn how to properly fuel their bodies through a balanced diet and exercise, as well as how to deal with stress. Students will participate in field trips, and will have guest speakers to help them learn about how to properly care for their skin, nails and hair.
    This is a no cost option

  • Art Students have an opportunity to explore a variety of two-dimensional art, such as pencil drawing techniques, oil and chalk pastel, watercolor, tempera, and acrylic paints. Students also create a variety of three-dimensional sculpture using materials such as wire, cardboard, clay, plaster, and foam. Students will experiment with shading, colour blending, perspective drawing, in abstract and realistic styles.
    Cost: $25

  • Film Studies 
    Film studies is the study and appreciation development of the history of film, film language, elements of film, and creation of film. Students critically analyze film from a number of perspectives: narrative, technical, performance, and creative. In the culminating project students will apply their understanding and knowledge of film language and elements of filmmaking by creating their very own short film. This is where students will gain hands-on experience with the many roles of creating a film: directing, acting, lights and sounds, editing, etc. The course concludes with a “film festival” where all student films will be debuted in front of their peers. Activities will include: discussion, film viewing, and film creation (stop motion, sweded, short film).
    This is a no cost option

  • Outdoor Experiences 
    Students are given the opportunity to learn about the environment around them and how to enjoy the outdoors in a respectful and responsible manner as a group and individual. Students will learn what it takes to plan, implement and assess outdoor excursions such as a camping trip. They will incorporate trip planning, menu planning, basic knot and compass skills along with basic camping equipment utilization and maintenance. The course fee covers course materials, field-trips, transportation and equipment maintenance.
    Cost: $50

  • Travel and Culture
    This option will focus on developing an appreciation for different countries and cultures around the world. In addition, we will build skills associated with safe, cost effective, informed and responsible travel. Students will be involved in planning sample travel itineraries and sharing their research about countries of their choosing with their peers. We will also focus on learning about the various cultures in our school with an emphasis on language, cuisine, customs and traditions. Some optional off campus field trips to cultural centers will be offered as well.  
    This is a no cost option with optional field trips