Mrs. Laurie Kardynal-Bahri - Principal
Mr. Robert Stecyk - Assistant Principal
Mrs. Lisa Wispinski - Secretary
Mrs. Rhonda Roth - Financial Accounts Clerk

Ms. Nicole Labrecque - Counsellor (Deals with all matters relating to credits, course changes, post-secondary education, scholarships, as well as counselling needs).

Mrs. Elaan Zaleschuk - Student Learning Facilitator (Deals with all matters relating to special needs and ESL students).


Mrs. Sarah Balla

Ms. Nicole Cava

Mrs. Nicola Cross

Mrs. Melissa Damur (Chaplain)

Ms. Justine Degenhardt

Mrs. Shannon Ellenwood

Mrs. Michelle Gau

Mr. Ryan Gau

Mr. Cameron Keats

Mr. Andrew Kozitzky

Mrs. Tiffany Lawrence

Ms. Barb Lemmens

Ms. Heather McClure

Ms. Terri Panich

Mr. Sean Reader

Mr. Dave Robert

Mr. Pawel Romanowski

Mr. Don Segberg

Ms. Ewelina Warchol

Mr. Ben Wisniewski

Mrs. Lynne Zwicker

Support Staff:

Ms. Diana Gagne - Custodian
Mrs. Laurie Himer - Educational Assistant
Mrs. Trisha Mihal - Lab Tech
Mrs. Cathy Mykytiuk - Educational Assistant
Ms. Melanie Preville - Educational Assistant
Mrs. Judy Sutton - Library Technician
Mrs. Deanna Vaters - Educational Assistant