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The Chaplain's Corner

30th Sunday of Ordinary Time

This week, we see the parable of the pharisee and the tax collector. Two individuals who seem to be completely on opposite sides when it comes to God's kingdom. Whom do you identify with? The one who follows that laws that have been laid out by God and even goes further than expected or the one who society has deemed to be the lowest of the low. Many of us believe ourselves to be devoted Christians following the rules of God but we often do not realize that we are falling into the same trap the pharisee has. A trap that sees us expecting the wealth of the kingdom because we have done what is expected but at the same time feeling as if we are above others because we have been "better Christians" through our actions.

In fact, we must turn our life over to God as the tax collector did understanding that we are not worthy of God's undying love. It is by placing our life in God's hands that we become as we need to be, children of God. No matter how righteous we see ourselves, we must remember that we have all sinned and that we as humans are in the same boat as everyone else. Pope Francis said it best when he stated that his role was not to be the judge but instead to openly embrace everyone wherever they may be on their journey, a journey that sometimes seems very lonely. Let us seek out those journeying by themselves so they do not feel that they need to be by themselves.

On another note: As we look forward this week, we are blessed to celebrate Catholic Education mass in our parishes. St. John Paul II has paired with Our Lady of the Angels school to celebrate with our school communities at the 9:00 am mass on Sunday, November 3, 2019. Please join us as we celebrate what many take for granted; an education that is based on the gospel values and sees each of those we are charged with as being gifts sent directly to us by God

God Bless each and everyone.

Mr. Brady

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