Graduation Eligibility List- a list has been compiled and will be posted outside Mrs. Kardynal-Bahri's office prior to Jan. 19.  Should you owe school fees or if you have not met the graduation requirements, you will not be on the list.  The list will be updated after Semester 1 marks and Diploma marks are made available. If you have any questions, you may contact Ms. Labrecque. 

 Grad Photos: Wednesday and Thursday, February 14 and 15th, 2018. The website allowing you to book Grad photos will go live the week of Jan 8-12.  The link to book the photos is not yet live, but it will be by Friday.  I will post information here at that time. Students are NOT required to pay the sitting fee, as it's part of the Grad fees.  Thanks for all the inquiries. Here's a video to get exctied about your photos!


Grad Gown Heights. We don't really need this until May, however, if you have not been measured, please see the measuring chart taped on the outside of Ms. Zaleschuk's door, Rm 212.  You may inform Emily Bartz of Ms. Zaleschuk or Mrs. Gau of your height or gown length.  


Baby Photo Slide Show

Hello students and parents of grad 2018!!

At your commencements ceremony this upcoming June, there will be a slide show of your grad picture and a baby photo that plays as you walk the stage and receive your diploma. What I need from you guys is to pick out your favourite baby picture of you (we only need one) and email it to either myself,  Taylor Hrynchuk or Kaylee along with the photo please include the first and last name of the grad.

Thanks :)





Graduation Banquet: Saturday, May 12, 2018 **This event is limited to 8 guests, including the graduate.

Grad Mass- Friday, June 15, 2018 5:00 pm OLA Parish

Commencements: Friday, June 15, 2018 7:00 pm **This event has the graduates sitting in the house and each graduate is allowed to bring 5 guests. 

Commencement Rehearsal: Friday, June 15, 2018 1:00 pm-3:00pm

Gown, Stole and Mortarboard pickup will be _____TBA___, between _____ pm, in Rm. 212. All Graduates are responsible for this and are required to bring it to the DCC for Commencement Ceremonies, ___TBA___             ***Please write your name in your Mortarboard and securely attach the tassel. These items are your keepsake, and the gown and stole will be returned at the end of the evening. 

Grad Ring Sales:  Josten's sold Grad Rings on Wednesday and Thursday, November 1&2, 2017.

.  Posters advertising this event and take home brochures are still available in the front office.  Alternatively, you may design your ring online at


Grad Photos:   Please note the RETAKE DATE IS _____TBA.   

Appointment booking information is as follows:

Sign up for your Graduation Portrait Session Now!  Just go to:

- scroll down to Choose Your Location (St. John Paul II)

- follow the steps to sign up for your appointment time

 If you are coming for retakes, please bring back your original set of proofs.  You will have the option to get retakes at no charge if you return all the proofs or you can pay the sitting fee again and have the opportunity to order from both sets.

If you are unable to make it to this photo session at the school you can also book an appointment at the Lifetouch studio.  To book a studio session please call 780-437-2431.


Old News: 


Josten Ring Sales: Wednesday and Thursday, November 1&2, 2017. Graduation Rings have changed!  There are more ways than ever to express yourself and commemorate your graduation.  Visit   and start designing your custom piece of class jewelry today.  Catalogues are also available at the office.  The Jostens Ring Man will be here to help you place your order on Nov. 1 & 2, during the lunch hour, in the cafeteria.

 Grad Clothing: Grad Wear Order Forms are now available!  Fittings will take place Thursday, Nov. 30-Tuesday, Dec. 5th. FINAL SALES will be FRIDAY, DEC. 8/17.  Products supplied by  Robb Dyky at R&M Promotions!  The order forms can be found in the front office or in this link Grad 2018 Clothing Order Form


Grad Gown Pickup 



School Fees and Grad Fees: 

***Please know that until the all school fees, including grad fees are paid, your child will be unable to attend the Grad Banquet on Saturday, May 13 and the Commencement Exercises, Friday, June 16.

(Grad fees include: sitting fee, Handshake photo, group photo, cap and gown rental, etc. )

**Should you only owe Grad fees- if these are not paid in full, you are responsible for the sitting fee for Grad photos taking place in January, 2017.

Your prompt attention to this matter can be rectified with the front office.  Please call or come in to take care of this with Mrs. Roth.

If you have any questions, you can call Mr. Tymko.

Grade 12 Graduation Expectations:

In order to participate in the graduation celebrations, the graduate MUST attend class.  Failure to attend classes will result in withdrawal from that course and potentially prohibit Graduation.   School Administration will post 4 grad lists throughout the year: November, January, April & June.  If you are NOT on the Grad List, it is your responsibility to speak to Mr. Tymko regarding your status.

**NOTE:  Parents CANNOT call to “blanket excuse” their child from classes; this is not our policy and will not be supported as it impedes student learning and student success.  This includes ALL students, even those 18 years and older J Thank you for helping us nurture responsible citizens!