St. John Paul II Scholarship Program

Scholarship applications are now available in Ms. Labrecque's office.



This Saturday Fort Saskatchewan Pride week kicks off with YouthFest and a Drag Show and Queer Poet Laureate Grayson Thate, the festival starts at 5pm to 10pm and is definitely worth checking out.


Wednesday the Fort Saskatchewan Public Library is hosting a library Pride event where patrons can get their nails painted rainbow, a photo booth and craft. It runs 3pm – 5pm.


Families First is hosting a Pride Playmob for families on June 5th at Neville Parry Park from 5:30-7pm, there will be Pride Cupcakes, a reading corner, tye dye t-shirts, and rainbow spaghetti. Supper is included.


If any of your youth are interested in helping out let me know, there are lots of opportunities to be involved.


Also, two Pride Flags went up this morning at the Dow Centennial Centre, so Legacy park has one and two are at the DCC.

ME Global Scholarship



MEGlobal High School Scholarship Opportunity


MEGlobal, an EQUATE Company, is proud to offer a $1,500 scholarship to two Fort Saskatchewan high school students pursuing a post-secondary education in a field related to the petrochemical industry. The deadline for applications is Sept. 1, 2018.

MEGlobal is a world leader in the marketing and manufacturing of ethylene glycol products. We operate a world-scale production facility in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta. As a Responsible Care company, we are committed to the sustainability of our operations, the environment and local community. We recognize the value of education in improving the lives of local residents and contributing to the success of the communities in which we operate. 



  • Be a Canadian Citizen or permanent resident
  • Have completed the requirements for high school graduation at a Fort Saskatchewan school
  • Be registered in a full-time accredited Canadian post-secondary institution entering the first year of a degree or diploma program in a field of study related the petrochemical industry
  • Demonstrate a commitment to academic excellence, leadership and positive community contributions



  1. Complete the application form (Available from Ms. Labrecque)
  2. Provide your official Alberta Transcript of High School Achievement
  3. Include a cover letter introducing yourself and detailing the reasons you are applying for this scholarship
  4. Provide two reference letters (from a teacher, school staff, coach, volunteer organization, etc.) Letters cannot be from family members.


Selection: A committee of MEGlobal employees will select the scholarship recipients based on a combination of academics, community service and leadership.

Application Deadline:    September 1, 2018.


Submission Details:

Submit completed applications (one of two ways) to:




Cindy Campbell

MEGlobal Canada, Fort Saskatchewan

1.      Email:

2.      Mail: PO Bag 16, Highway 15, Fort Saskatchewan, AB, Canada, T8L 2P4




New Scholarship Search Tool!

Now is the best time for grade 12 students to apply for scholarships, we are in the heart of peak scholarship season.  At we are continuing to improve on what is already the best site for Canadian students to find and apply for scholarships. 

We've listened to feedback from students and have made some significant changes to the scholarships page. 

New Features:- View scholarships by category- Filter scholarships- More sort options- More accurate matching algorithm- Improved mobile interface 

ScholarTree is 100% free to students! 


 The Rotary Club has teamed up with the Boys and Girls Club to charter an Interact Club.

Interact is a youth-run service club for youth ages 12 to 18 who want to connect with other young people and have fun while serving their communities and learning about the world.

For information contact:


Heather Stacey and Tamara Dables

Interact Club of Fort Saskatchewan

780-992-0103 ext 26

Mental Health Websites

Anxiety? Depression? Anger? Apathy? Fear?

We all deal with emotions but sometimes we need help or strategies to deal with them. If you are struggling there is NO SHAME in seeking help. We all need help sometimes. Just as you would ask for help with Math or Science, do not hesitate to ask for help with Emotions. Please see Ms. Labrecque for strategies or techniques and/or check out the following recommended websites.


Attention Grade 12 Students!

Important information about the Rutherford Scholarship application process.

You must apply online at

There is no application deadline.



for information on Student Loans and Scholarships




Ed Stelmach Community Foundation Scholarship.

Applications due May 1.

See Ms. Labrecque for details


 MacEwan University's Student Success Bursary. 

Students selected for the award will receive $2,000 tuition credit if they are enroling in a certificate or diploma program or $3,000 if they are enroling in a degree program.

This year approximately $250,000 will be awarded to new students! To be considered, students must submit an application to MacEwan University and receive either conditional acceptance or acceptance, as well as demonstrate financial need (as outlined on the attached application form).

Applications are currently being accepted for the award and the deadline to apply is July 31, 2014 for Fall enrolment and November 30, 2014 for Winter enrolment. Scholarships, bursaries, and awards are typically under-utilized, so if you know students who have applied to MacEwan University, please pass this information on to them as them may be interested in applying. 

If you have any questions about Scholarships, Bursaries, or Awards at MacEwan University, please contact Craig Hamilton, Supervisor, Student Awards at or (780)497-5033.

Alberta Scholarship Program

For a full list please visit the website or see Ms. Labrecque

Please visit for 3 $500.00 scholarship opportunities!

**Any Graduating students interested in the Alberta Massage Training School can see Ms. Labrecque for detail on the school and bursary opportunities.

Grant MacEwan

Small class sizes. Student-focused instructors, state-of-the-art facilities, a vibrant student life. These are just some of the reasons why students choose MacEwan - and why MacEwan students succeed after graduation. See for yourself.

Opportunity to experience life as a MacEwan Student!Did you know that the arts, commerce, education, physical education, science, engineering, and nursing programs are collaborating a Student for a Day program? To register for one of the scheduled dates, visit

Participants will meet a program advisor, take a campus tour, meet with a MacEwan student, attend MacEwan courses and be provided with a lunch! Opportunity to experience life asa MacEwan Student!

Scholarship Information

All Grade 12 Students who are planning on attending Post Secondary Education are advised to register online with Student Awards at This site will post all most scholarship opportunities for Canadian students and will notify you of scholarships that fit your requirements. Also check out

Check for all Alberta Spring scholarship applications!


Forget the Myths about Alberta Student Funding and Get the Facts!

Fact: If you apply online at, you may see your estimated results immediately.


" When you apply for government student funding, you may be eligible for both non-repayable grants and student loans.

" You are not charged interest on government student loans while you are in full-time studies.

" You may get money back on your income tax for the interest you pay on government student loans.

" Government student loans offer interest rates that are often better than banks rates.

Fact: The amount parents are expected to contribute has been significantly reduced so more students are now eligible for funding.

Fact: Information about your vehicle is no longer considered.

Fact: Your scholarships dont affect the amount of funding you can receive.

Now That You Have the Facts...

It's Time to Apply!

Applying is Easy!

You May be Eligible to Apply Online!

Applying for funding is easier than ever before at The online application for programs starting August 1, 2013 and later will be available in early June 2013.

Your student funding application is automatically considered for federal and provincial loans, grants and bursaries.

If you are unable to apply online, paper applications will also be available in early June. Pick one up at any post-secondary school in Alberta, or a Canada-Alberta Service Centre or Alberta Service Centre (for locations go to

Get More Information About Loans

  • " For more information on how student loans work, check out the Entrance Counselling session at EDULINX is the Alberta student loan service provider.
  • " For tips on budgeting, go to and type "money talks" in the search box.


Call the Student Funding Contact Centre at:

780-427-3722 in the Edmonton area or,
1-800-222-6485 toll-free in Canada

Use the econtact service at to receive a response by email.

Please check the outside of the student centre for all posters relating to Post Secondary Open Houses, Scholarship Information, etc.

Preparing for Post Secondary Life!

  1. Still unsure of the right program:
    " Use EDinfo to explore and research more than 200 institutions in Alberta and distance learning programs in Western Canada. You can also consider starting at one institution and then transferring to another. But make sure you check out TransferAlberta to find out how and what can be transferred.
  2. Start applying to different post-secondary institutions:
    " ApplyAlberta can make the stressful application process easy. Using ApplyAlberta you can save time and energy by applying to one or more institutions and ApplyAlberta automatically sends high school transcripts for FREE.
  3. Start applying for Scholarships, Grants and Bursaries:
    " Who doesnt like free money? Here are 5 Steps to Winning Scholarships.
    " Also dont forget a very popular scholarship - the Alexander Rutherford Scholarship.
  4. Getting Accepted:
    " You have applied and been waiting anxiously. You may get conditional acceptance of admission and scholarships as soon as April. But you need to keep up your grades in order to maintain offers of admission. So make sure you understand the importance of diploma exam preparation.
    " Most offers of admission are made in May. 
    " If you are put on a waiting list or don't get accepted, don't worry! Stay positive and keep exploring your unique education and career pathways through taking on jobs, volunteering, talking to allies and people in occupations that interest you. 
    " You can take courses to upgrade and do post-secondary institution campus visits. Talk to the counsellor or Careers Under Construction for the scoop on getting admitted.
    " Apply for student funding online in early June. 
    " Final admission occurs after diplomas have been written, marks have been released and final transcripts have been sent to the institutions. Final diploma results will be released on July 22nd , 2011 by Alberta Education this year.
  5. It's decision time:
    " Deciding which offer to accept can be difficult. You need to think about what you want in a school experience and work thereafter. Plus what fits best for you at this time. 
    " Remember to notify the schools about your decision of program; accept or decline. 
    " Remember to meet requests for confirmation deposits, housing information, and other information from the school or student finance program (if applied). 
    " Do the orientation at your campus& they are super helpful and great ways to meet new friends and other peers.

The Pros and Cons of a Gap Year!

The Pros of a Gap Year

  1. A chance to mature before going back to school: Gap years can provide students the chance to learn responsibility on a different level. Whether they're planning a trip around the world or working as a waitress, they're going to be fending for themselves as an adult for the first time. This can be an advantage when they're ready to start living and working on their own.
  2. An opportunity to regroup: High School can be very stressful time. Between struggling to maintain their grades and searching for the right post-secondary path, many students feel burnt out by the time they graduate. Doing something besides school for awhile can provide a much-needed break.
  3. A change of pace: They've never done anything before besides being a student. If they go right to college or university, nothing will really change. Spending a year doing something else will help them gain new perspective on life.
  4. A chance to figure out what they want: Are they not sure yet what post-secondary pathway is exactly right for them at this point? A year off can help them think about it and sort things out.
  5. Great Stories: Do they want their resume or post-secondary application to stand out? If they spend a year doing something unique, they can discuss it in their personal essay on how the experience changed them.
  6. Save money: It's no secret how expensive funding a post-secondary education can be. Depending on what they do during their year off, they might be able to save money.

The Cons of a Gap Year

  1. Losing momentum: For some students, a year off can be a refreshing break that helps them feel ready to go back to school. However, it also takes them away from the classroom experience, so they might be a bit rusty (or reluctant) to return.
  2. Being a year behind: A year off will put them a year behind their friends and further back on what can be, a long educational process.
  3. Lose focus on future goals: Taking a year off and breaking the cycle of studying may make it difficult to keep their eyes on your long-term goals.
  4. Lose Money: Some gap year experiences don't require money (like working for a year) or are inexpensive (like teaching abroad for a year). But, others can be quite pricey and can be an added expense to an already costly post-secondary education.

Whatever they decide, make sure they take the time to think about what they would do for their time off and their reasons

5 Ways to Beat Exam Stress!

Give yourself a pep talk: While it may sound corny, if they can control their inner voice, they will be surprised at how much their attitudes change. When they start to worry, or tell themselves; "This is just too hard!", then take a break and do something else. Replace the negative inner dialogue with something positive like "Yes, I can do this. It's easy!"

Get lots of exercise: They should get moving and eat well to help their bodies cope better with the added stress. This will help them to sleep better too. Stay away from the exam junk like chips, pizza and chocolate since they will not provide their brains with the right kind of energy it needs for peak performance.

Chill out: Tell them to take a deep breath and realize that exam stress is not helpful. It won't help them study and can actually make it harder to remember anything they're trying to remember. Deep breaths, taking a moment to focus and calm themselves down will help.

Get enough sleep: It may seem like a good idea to give up their nap time to study, but in reality, not getting enough sleep will drastically reduce their ability to retain information and deal with stress.

Be realistic: Leaving enough time to study, setting attainable study goals and not leaving everything to the last minute

Excellent Tutorial Website!
For help with your core subjects - includes videos, practice questions and test prep.