Get involved in student life at St. JPII!

Faith Group 

The St. JPII faith group meets on "Faith Fridays" at lunch every week. Come explore aspects of your faith and get involved.
Led by. Mr. Walker


Leadership meets every Wednesday morning at 7:30 in the Library to plan and discuss school leadership activities and events. Get involved! Breakfast included.
Led by: Miss Degenhardt and Mrs. Tully

Yearbook Club

Yearbook club meets throughout the year to plan and create our annual yearbook. 
Led by: Mrs. Stolk and Mrs. Tully

Musical Theatre

Like to sing and dance? Come join Musical Theatre! Involvement in the club results in a public performance. This club meets during Flex on Fridays and the occasional Tuesday.
Led by: Miss Cava

Political Science Club

The St. JP II Political Science Club observes political issues locally, provincially and nationally with a strictly non-partisan approach. The aim of this club is to promote political awareness throughout the student body. Membership in the political science club is open to all students expressing interest and enthusiasm for politics or who would like to become more aware and involved.

Japan 2016 Exchange

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Europe Trip 2016

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L.I.F.E Club

The L. I. F. E. (Lived Inclusion for Everyone) Club is to support students who may be at-risk or marginalized that wish to create a support network that may choose advocacy, peer support, or other activities that support our inclusive Catholic community.
This club is currently inactive and will be activated upon student request or need.